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January 19, 2009

Yea that black pussy Obamas wife has stinks like shit – rotten eggs.  What she been doing   going under the bridge at hwy 59 in Houston and letting the wine os piss on her 

Hells bells that colored pussy is so dam good .  Gofer snuch in the back way once and put abig white piece of meat in that black pussy .

All the dog s and rats were there the secret service let me in cause im from a undergrown cave Rick Perry and his clones made for me.   Thats right come on brown shirts come and find me . All  the mexicans at 9540 kempwood saw OBAAMS Wife in the nude doing a german shepard near the statue of liberty.


in the mood dark

January 11, 2009

Well its 435 am i guess or nite, who knows.  Yes gofer is not exactly in the mood for split tail. That is dark lady.  She said ill call u . O some one owes the catfish some thing.

But to do that they would have to come to the cave.  Yea its under 114 it really ant.  O a knock onthe door. Get inside. Boy will have shorts on i guess.  Well some one is little shorter than  boy.  Yea i know about race mix. So what.

If  lady can fix me ok, boy thinks they can.  yea gofer dont have to use pills.

I cant explain no futher cause. There is actually creatrues, wild ladies, preverst, bisexual, wolvreans that like reading about strange sex acts .

Really there having  a sex cult at 114 apt. Thats right, its on soway street.

I not put the right street on here. May be its made up.