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fur burgers not now just liazards

January 20, 2009

U see its just too ealy in the moring to stick your toung in the pussy.  Thats right unless u had everclear and homemade wine.  They got that stuff at fiesta on wirt road and kempwood.  Any way some on cant be fat just big tits and no midit. Well on color prefer spanish or white.  SOme black but not realy interested, gotto have pubic hair and not stink .

Stink is not sanitary and its grose.   There is this well fat lady at hunters creek apts near hammerly and gessner.  She fucks hobos wine os.  Her husband is all sherveld up and thin. And pickes cans from dumpsters.  Any way there was a sec guard at that place and rode a bike .  It was not the safest place around.  Once some scum bag lady wanted to  go where gofer was living .

I said wait then she went to otheres in that complex and the cops came.

Who cares if this story is true or not. O there is 3 eyed monsters at hunters creek apt thes days and fire ants big as school bus.


the sex cult black or the tube stake

January 19, 2009

Yea its January 19, 2009, 12:26 PM . Do u get horny ? I bet u do. Just think there is this german lady that came over and  undid here shirt and I could see those beautiful big tits.  Then she took off her pants mmm what a body.  I went to her and kissed her mouth deep with my toung . Then felt her tits against me.
The next thing I know she is in the shower with me.  Im horny as hell.
Then we both dry off and the lady lays on her back.  Here pussy is clean and tight.  I start rubbing the button and  she gets so excited.