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cum with walrus lady in bed & suck dick time

January 20, 2009

Yea to to the walrus lady in the wood lands. Go find the walrus. Knock on the door. A walrus lady comes out and meets u. U almost leave. Go in side. Kinda nervous. Sit on the couch. Get naked in front of her. U get horny. She puts your dick in her hand.  Start kissing the walrus. She says got the stomak tied. thats a lie.
She fix some thing to eat, clean dishes in the sink.
Then go to that queen size bed. U are naked. She is wearing bjs ? Put yur hand in that big pussy ist jucy.  Have to wash your hands.  Then put the dick in side that pussy its too big.  Fuck her from behind too big.  Then the best part she starts sucking your dick for a hour or so . It feel to dam good cum an cum again .