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The BBC in England

January 20, 2009

I sware by the river sticks the english like a state called Texas.  I mean in England. Why of course we Texans speak english but its different.  Why should England like Texans ? Well George Bush needs to rest in Craford . I know it oful to think its hard work.

So far so good for Obama  but stop the bail outs and no NAFTA.  We Texans will keep our god given right to keep and bear arms.



January 19, 2009

Now what does OBAMA think he is another communist ? U dont tell the folks they have to serve .  U are going to be a KARL MARX SPECIAL  .

I told y’all what was going to happpen and no one listen Hey Barock  OBAMA im not watching your party— your big show.   U start taking away folks rights and there will be hell to pay.

on Houston Crigs list (private security guard)

January 13, 2009

Hey they dont pay enough to do that.  It takes more than 2 guards at night.

Hell they will know where u are all the time and way lay u soon or later.

With no   benifits if u get hurt or shot.  I would not do that . Some one has to be a moron to wear a vest and that crap.  O IF u get hurt the owner of the company will gloat to the news media. That company is gettin like 50 dollars a hour and paying the  guard 17 a hour.

U need the dps, county or hpd to do that.


January 13, 2009

Looks like George Bush and Barock Obama want NAFTA again.  We better stop that bull shit period. NAFTA will take away jobs from Americans and flood the USA with products from Mexico and China.

Did u know the Trans Texas Corridor is part of that !


December 30, 2008

U know CNN loves Our lord Obama and that Coke drink does to .  Coke plasters colored people on there container.  Might as well live in AFRICA.  And our great OBAMA is going to support Hummas might as well suck up to the russians to.

Well u know u voted for the chosen one. Now Obama . Him and George Bush are buddies and want gov control of banks,and ever thing else more or less a socialized gov.

Hey u deomcrats i got free speech. U tree huggers,homosexs,climate warmer freaks.