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cum with walrus lady in bed & suck dick time

January 20, 2009

Yea to to the walrus lady in the wood lands. Go find the walrus. Knock on the door. A walrus lady comes out and meets u. U almost leave. Go in side. Kinda nervous. Sit on the couch. Get naked in front of her. U get horny. She puts your dick in her hand.  Start kissing the walrus. She says got the stomak tied. thats a lie.
She fix some thing to eat, clean dishes in the sink.
Then go to that queen size bed. U are naked. She is wearing bjs ? Put yur hand in that big pussy ist jucy.  Have to wash your hands.  Then put the dick in side that pussy its too big.  Fuck her from behind too big.  Then the best part she starts sucking your dick for a hour or so . It feel to dam good cum an cum again .


fur burgers not now just liazards

January 20, 2009

U see its just too ealy in the moring to stick your toung in the pussy.  Thats right unless u had everclear and homemade wine.  They got that stuff at fiesta on wirt road and kempwood.  Any way some on cant be fat just big tits and no midit. Well on color prefer spanish or white.  SOme black but not realy interested, gotto have pubic hair and not stink .

Stink is not sanitary and its grose.   There is this well fat lady at hunters creek apts near hammerly and gessner.  She fucks hobos wine os.  Her husband is all sherveld up and thin. And pickes cans from dumpsters.  Any way there was a sec guard at that place and rode a bike .  It was not the safest place around.  Once some scum bag lady wanted to  go where gofer was living .

I said wait then she went to otheres in that complex and the cops came.

Who cares if this story is true or not. O there is 3 eyed monsters at hunters creek apt thes days and fire ants big as school bus.

sex black lady or who gets the prize

January 18, 2009

Well there is self sex – love the one your with.
And there is just get on and the other dont do a thing .
Well if u get off to jollies go to  a club in mexico and the cab driver is  horny and wants to feel
your goodies. But these spanish loooks say s and f or reverse.
Another is meeting some one n Bastrop which is kinda far for in and out.
Yes there is the fat walrus lady in the woodlands each time u put it in the lady pass gas that so grose.
Then there is some  little squirt from New Orleans that feels the goodies in your pants and starts a fire.      fat

Dark lady sex in/out

December 29, 2008

Yea.  Catfishfind  thinks is real sure .  Be worth it to clean up  the cave after snoose. May be wild dark lady wed or ? Just ge t close and take off the shirt .

Its those pretty tits and body .  Yea black lady wants white meat slow like.

If bring black man he can join to also have sex with him and the black lady .

Hot and steamy cum on her tits in her mouth in her pussy.  All that cum that in there.  The dick can get ready.

Let gofer kempwood city crash .

Hot sex dark lady

December 28, 2008

Yea this may be rated and things.  Well ever time catgofer talks to this dark lady she says take a hot shower and talk.   But who knows if the dark lady will come here.   Cst gofer would like to see the lady naked.  Well just open the door and in she comes.  Sit on the couch and so called watch a movie.

I ask need neck rubed.  She kinda is hesitant then ok.  Then i put her hand on my leg.  The dick is growing . SHe unbuttons her shirt and braless i see those bretty tits and feel em. The dark lady takes off her shirt .  Feels like my dick is on fire.  The dark lady undoes her pants and takes em off.  What a nice body she has.  Yes i put my finger in her pussy and rub it.  IT is jucy. The black lady feells my dick in her hand . Its so hot and cum is ready to burts out.

The lady gets on top of the dick. All the way in ever inch.  I cum 10 times .

She turned on the shower in her pussy that sweet juce all over my dick and balls.

More and more she wants the tube stake .

This is for that lady in Ca.  I know  at blacks beach is the place to go for cum bath.

sex with dark lady 1

December 27, 2008

Hello all u that want to read about this dark lady and my tube stake.  Either she will be in a red car or a shit white car. O dark lady has a good body. Not  fat her tits are big enough.  O she clams that she is divorced.  Thats a lie.  Well any way .

Enough of lies all is or is it ? Suppose they call in the after noon and come over.

O to watch movies ? Just sit on the couch.  I catgoger will wacth her unbutton her shirt.  See those nice  tits.  Feel em.  The dick is growing .

I get her and and put it on the dick. SHe pulls it out of the pants.  THis dark lady pulls off her pants .  What a site nice pussy with pubic hair.  I put my finger in the pussy  and  rub the button  she gets so excited.  It gets jucy.

No catfi dont use no rubber. Any way the hot blood gorged stake goes in that pussy . Moan and groan organism.  Catgofer cums 10 times.

Yea that colored lady wants that white meat.

I get a good grade in a creative writtin class at lucky college in Huntsville.

sex with that dark lady

December 26, 2008

Yes just think.  Having some lady thats black to watch vcr and movies .  Yes I catfrog know who she is i guess.  O that one that gave candy made from pecans.

First sit on the couch. Watch her undo her shirt. Then her pants.

My dick gets hard and hot.  I feel her tits . Then put my finger in her pussy and

rub the button she gets excited and her pussy is jucy and ready. NO there is no rubber used.  This lady if u call her, that, puts my hot blood gorged dick in that

tight pussy all the way in . The lady wants more and more of that white meat.

I pull it out and her pussy is all wet with cum in it.

Some lady in ny thats 25 wants to read this  i guess