mj12 or today

January 19, 2009

Hello gessner,the pave ment on clay road,the interstec at 290 and gessner. I the king of AMERICA for got there celebrating my day. Its called presidents day.  I bet most comps are closed. Cause its a fed holiday.

Thats too bad. Gofer felt like going to palface park at lake travis.  U know there once i went well naked.  And swinging on a rope accross the water.

Once once i took a dump in that water.  No one said a thing.  Good by all the naked that swim in barton springs.


hwy 290 – the UFOS

January 19, 2009

Yea i can put on here really can that i swam  naked in barton springs .

Then make up a story. It will be that a snobb lady adviser at UT that went to  SWSH in 1972 sat on el dick.  O no she is just to high and mighty to do that.  O gettin that facny  degree o that is just o .

Talking down to the common folk .  Like  Our Holy God Obama does. But least BAROCK will have sex with a cow in front of the white house.  Then he will be president of all the koons in  The United States.   So sorry Terry im not calling u back u will get up set.  Yea i know that number i was fixing to put it on here but im not going to.

dog sex for black lady near hwy 249

January 19, 2009

Yes. She did have sex with a german shepard dog the other night.  This guard lady had the gate open and the dog came in .  Well gofer preswades this black lady thats 25 to pet that dog.

I had to lead em to a empty build ing .  A bed was alredy on the floor. So the dog kept on using its paws to kinda undo her shirt. Then  exposing the ladies big black tits.  O that dog got horny and tore off the ladies pants . What a site her nice body. The lady fell on the bed and that dog put its huge point dick in side her pussy . Lots of dog cum went in that tight pussy.

Then other dogs wanted some pussy.  Now it was a sex cult dog club.

Relly this never happen its just Marton Luther Day.

Relly this lady who backed up and hit some ones car needs or owes some thing. Yea she does. She needs a tube stake that is a white meat.

Gofer lofer would do the honors. And use no rubbers just in that tight pussy .  All that hot cum in that virgin pussy. Since preverts and bisex, working girls, dancers like this.

How about the ferries ? Where is elton ? I bet he would give gofer a great head job.

pulling the mule

January 19, 2009


Thats right pullin the mule or jackin goff. U can call it that also. But really its hidden homosex acts that no one  know about.  Its gettin in the shower and puttin hat to warm water on the prick and going up and down.

Thats rite dave can see me i guess ? Or is he married by now. WHO really cares.

bad dreams or some thing

January 19, 2009

Last nite gofer had this dream of taking this test and could not read some questions they kept fading away.  Then it was looking for a car in some strange place carring a gun. Each time idd wake up i needed to p.

Is it stress or depressed or some thing.  Pre fer have some one come over that gofer can trust,. Ther ant no one like that .

peace with honor.  Did u see that crap on CNN about Our holy god obama trying to get more money from poor folks.

It was on to day .

today in the news

January 18, 2009

Well some lady talk to me from Germany.  She said she found some man. The temp there is 23.  Here its 71 degrees. That track looks better and better  to walk.

I dont know about that lady in Ger. She is kinda not on the lite  side and is 64 or i think.  Thats just too old to meet.

Any way that one thats 25 well good one to do the wild thing with and thats it.   I dont go looking for pussy cause.  There is too many games.

well com here black lady here is tube stake

January 18, 2009

Yes finally she  came over .  I mean that lady that clames   she is seperated and things. Well she met big  tube stake.  Ill tell u later of the adventure with the sex cult dogs,men,dildos.

Yea and what happen when the pants came off.


lady in the red shirt

January 18, 2009

Yes that lady in the red shirt . Says she is sick and takes care of little kiddies.  Ask bozo to go up there once.  But just look she is kinda well fat u might say .  The reason gofer did not go to bolton,Texas.  Is go up there and be told what can and cant do.  No touching tits no no nothing un less i say. And keeps on talking about religion.

Forget that idea im not a virgin.  But the last time i goter put the dong inside is befor that hurrican.

sex black lady or who gets the prize

January 18, 2009

Well there is self sex – love the one your with.
And there is just get on and the other dont do a thing .
Well if u get off to jollies go to  a club in mexico and the cab driver is  horny and wants to feel
your goodies. But these spanish loooks say s and f or reverse.
Another is meeting some one n Bastrop which is kinda far for in and out.
Yes there is the fat walrus lady in the woodlands each time u put it in the lady pass gas that so grose.
Then there is some  little squirt from New Orleans that feels the goodies in your pants and starts a fire.      fat


January 18, 2009

bser2Well some moron on here some where put a scammers note on here. What the did was find a pictrue and a town near Dallas . They said they was in that . But that note read exactly like a scammers.