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sex bag bg and the sex dogs

January 20, 2009

Where is bg that old lady probably. Bet shes fat. Hope she found some one thats fat .  O yes she can come over but .  Dogs around here would want to put a point thing in that pussy.  Last time i saw here was 15, 16 years ago i guess.  No it was in 1995 or so.

Yea she was driving near that 10000 kempwood.  I guess she wanted some dick or some thing.  Yea ill fuck her still and get my nuts off.  I dont know if dave could find out .  Hes the one that wanted me to have sex with his friend.

She ant fat no way. Looks like a play boy bunny.  Hells bells who cares.  That black lady or girl thats 25 still owes me some thing.  O backing up and hittn scaring that what u call it. I GOTHEAD sure would like to put my hot dick in that tight pussy . Even thoush she is black.  OF course use a rubber.

Just imagine its can get jucy and hot that pussy.  I dont know .

It seems like im taking to the world on here.   I could just be.  This little munskin with big tits.  Just bet she would not do Dave agan  who knows.

Any way i bet that black lady sex woud cum like no tomorow and get so hot when that white meat is n her.


fur burgers not now just liazards

January 20, 2009

U see its just too ealy in the moring to stick your toung in the pussy.  Thats right unless u had everclear and homemade wine.  They got that stuff at fiesta on wirt road and kempwood.  Any way some on cant be fat just big tits and no midit. Well on color prefer spanish or white.  SOme black but not realy interested, gotto have pubic hair and not stink .

Stink is not sanitary and its grose.   There is this well fat lady at hunters creek apts near hammerly and gessner.  She fucks hobos wine os.  Her husband is all sherveld up and thin. And pickes cans from dumpsters.  Any way there was a sec guard at that place and rode a bike .  It was not the safest place around.  Once some scum bag lady wanted to  go where gofer was living .

I said wait then she went to otheres in that complex and the cops came.

Who cares if this story is true or not. O there is 3 eyed monsters at hunters creek apt thes days and fire ants big as school bus.

sex black lady or who gets the prize

January 18, 2009

Well there is self sex – love the one your with.
And there is just get on and the other dont do a thing .
Well if u get off to jollies go to  a club in mexico and the cab driver is  horny and wants to feel
your goodies. But these spanish loooks say s and f or reverse.
Another is meeting some one n Bastrop which is kinda far for in and out.
Yes there is the fat walrus lady in the woodlands each time u put it in the lady pass gas that so grose.
Then there is some  little squirt from New Orleans that feels the goodies in your pants and starts a fire.      fat

in the mood dark

January 11, 2009

Well its 435 am i guess or nite, who knows.  Yes gofer is not exactly in the mood for split tail. That is dark lady.  She said ill call u . O some one owes the catfish some thing.

But to do that they would have to come to the cave.  Yea its under 114 it really ant.  O a knock onthe door. Get inside. Boy will have shorts on i guess.  Well some one is little shorter than  boy.  Yea i know about race mix. So what.

If  lady can fix me ok, boy thinks they can.  yea gofer dont have to use pills.

I cant explain no futher cause. There is actually creatrues, wild ladies, preverst, bisexual, wolvreans that like reading about strange sex acts .

Really there having  a sex cult at 114 apt. Thats right, its on soway street.

I not put the right street on here. May be its made up.

290 adventures

January 10, 2009

Well   i   don’t know if ill talk  to so and so again.  Last time they was not too happy of some one saying some stuff.   The deal is if catfihs calls em they will get up set may be its cause this and that. Or there friends are all colored who cares.

Any way they own me some thing its not diner0 ( its private).

sex no dark lady

January 10, 2009

bser1 Well thats not what black looks like any way.  But last sesson they called me and got up setty. And said they

call giant dick back.   Im right now in the bear, thats rite can those naked mexcan men see me now.

Well since im not calling big lady with black skin and big tits. These beautiful

men can get the protien they need from thy suckel .  I boy like whats her face to call dick  now. Dont care if its 3.  DAme that dick needs that pussy, all the way in it.  Boy knows it will be jucy and moist.

Yea catgocer can wait dont know for how long.  Is this the kind of garbarge they do for a english class these days.  Looked all over for thoser

rubbers in that thing driven to that place near perry street.

Did not have any then, any way lower the seat back far as it go.

She pulls her pants past down to the floor. Gofer gets hard as ever and

puts it in that pussy.  Hot fluid dispurse many times. She has a organism thats right.  Pussy juce soots out and lubercates mmm mmm sweet brown

sugar.  None of this is  true.  Dave is here and sees im n the raw and does me thats when im force to put a story about sex cults and Terry  from swhs in 1972.

kempwood 9540 weirdos

January 8, 2009

Hello out there . There is all kinds of creatrues at that place. Skelswags, dumpster cat feeder, retarted mexcan dogs, monsters from gessner, bus 36 nakeds, 2 faced fat ass bozos, streakers, seakers, the pig,split tails, big dick suckers, drill pushers, naked dick society, sex  cults, nose pickers.

I never made this up . Its like the Houston Chronicle a mind twister.

Skelewags go to the pool but that water is cold, so they stand in front of the camera and grope them selfs. Dogs come by and smell the cum and like skele dicks


This fat physco he feeds dumpster cats and the naked office dont care.


These retarted mexcan dogs they wait for bus 48 and p on its tires for good luck.


January 1, 2009

The truth is these brain washed foks that think OBAMA will take care of there ever wim is rong.  O they are fools give em gas, money, food, shelter ,jobs. Thats called socialism and marxism o the gov will take care of u if u obey there wishes.

U the gov start ordering control ever move folks make and it will be to wet to plow. EVER HEARD OF A WORD CALLED REVOLUT.  Us Texans can seperate and be our own country. 1836

climate change my ass

December 30, 2008

Hey all tree huggers,freaks ,al gore groupies, globlal warmers.

Where is your brain ? Have u read the geologic climate history.  Thats a easy way to make money if u clame global warming. Only humans, cars, factories pollute the air.  What if some one poots u know, pas gas . 

Any way let catif cause more heat . There is a way .  Where is black lady one in one causes heat cum heat. 

It seems like

December 26, 2008










O yes is seems like this has been on here since the earth was formed. Then bacteria grow. Then came plants in th ocean and huge reptiles. Next some how the animals got on land and was giant things like trex. Then a rock from outher space hit the gulf of mexico and killes almost all the dinosaurs.