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hwy 290 – the UFOS

January 19, 2009

Yea i can put on here really can that i swam  naked in barton springs .

Then make up a story. It will be that a snobb lady adviser at UT that went to  SWSH in 1972 sat on el dick.  O no she is just to high and mighty to do that.  O gettin that facny  degree o that is just o .

Talking down to the common folk .  Like  Our Holy God Obama does. But least BAROCK will have sex with a cow in front of the white house.  Then he will be president of all the koons in  The United States.   So sorry Terry im not calling u back u will get up set.  Yea i know that number i was fixing to put it on here but im not going to.


nervous reck

January 13, 2009

Thats whats going on. My sleep is not good im disturbed by job looking i guess and the fucing bail outs. Dam  thats drinking lots of coffiee really .  GOt the gitters.

Dam if only idd taking there advise after day inter . Dam i just cant give up.

Ill just remember what the Navy pounded in my brain.

time will tell

January 9, 2009
  • just be nice to so and so
  • let nature take its course
  • use skins if needed
  • remember how to make friends and influence folks

physco in 114

January 4, 2009

Well boys and girls there is  this creap that feeds dumpster cats.  O now he has the food and water right next to the window.  So protective. But what if KPRC came out here to investigate.  It sure would be on the news.

But i just bet that tv station would not wast there time doing that.

Who the fuck cares any way .

O be the way . There is this person that was using there feet to   get in  and pancho said hurry up.  O my was that mornic security guard up set . Thats just to bad u know there is freedom of speech.  That stupid ass guard is play ing a game.

The last time well some one stoped near the gate and parked there and acted like the car was messed up. Then one time they were laughin at catfish wish.

Well there needs to be a alagort snapping turtle there and when el guard o exopses the dong the turtle will bite it.

Thats right that guard undoes there pants and pulls out the dong and puts it on a battery cable all the time. That was back in 1972.

Those mexcan hobels werent there then.

Where is the pig that used to live on hammerly with her old mother.  They could have been bi sex who knows. Any way bg had magits growing in there pussy how grose.

listen up saylors

January 3, 2009

Yea. Terri.  Gofer masterbated  to night .  Ill tell her then she will say u are a homo sex. No way  itjust felt so  good.  Next it will hurt a sharp pain in the penus. Cause it strained that muscle.   When I did it to Sharon it did not hurt.  That’s the normal way .  But im doing it less and less. I should  stop altogether and do some thing  else when I get the urge to self love.  Well I know u don’t want me to do that. I CANT get hard for u and have lots of cum if I masterbait.  So I stop.  IN a few days like sat ill be ok ill save lots of cum and save it for u.
Yea I know u want to have sex with me some time.  I have to get hard and have lots of cum.  Well u got a good body and u ant fat. Compaired to Sharon and others.  Don’t tell ever one I done it with u .  THere  is no strings nothing like that. Ill wear a rubber so u wont get pg.   If u want more that’s ok don’t go over board.
If that Spanish girl from dallas dan knows wants to see me so be it.  I wont wear a skin then.  Don t think she  will leave though.  Ill ask her to be with dan again  and she wont . That  on whit real big tits.  Drive tosh fancy cars.  Why im I puttin all thing on nere .  This is all lies  catfish drumed up.

Mercy in nw area

January 2, 2009

Well i sure feel better, after gettin like  may be 5 hours of deep sleep.  Drinking that Austrlia strong wine did it, it really relaxes u .

Yes i been puttin trash talk on here. So what.  Be glad when  some one nice that is no free loader meets el tube stake.  Just a  conttibine thats all.

The dick needs exercise and all that cum need out. NO catfog dont need blue balls .

Thanks kempwood,gessner,hollister,bingle,wirt,long point for reading this,.

How about Austin,Glen Rose, Walnut Springs, Mederian, ChaLK Mtn for all the reading also.

No i, not on the bottle now.


January 1, 2009

The truth is these brain washed foks that think OBAMA will take care of there ever wim is rong.  O they are fools give em gas, money, food, shelter ,jobs. Thats called socialism and marxism o the gov will take care of u if u obey there wishes.

U the gov start ordering control ever move folks make and it will be to wet to plow. EVER HEARD OF A WORD CALLED REVOLUT.  Us Texans can seperate and be our own country. 1836


December 30, 2008

Well ktrk did not show any naked mexicans near the statue of liberty, dont knwo what is rong. I think cause its MARVIN ZINLER EYE WHITNESS NEWS.

O on ist supposed to be Our lord Obamas day.  Im sorry for streaking at the dumpster.  Thats where the freak at 114 is feeding the cats.  Yes he takes a bath with them also and has sex.

Lets see clean the rest of the counter off and mop the floor of the astrodome.

First ist catnap time no or yes.

the physco at apt 114

December 30, 2008

physcoYea i groper took this picture.  That mexican actually goes out side in the nude and has sex with dumpster cats.  O yes he wistles at them also.   I want to be part of the action also .  But im smart and dont feed cats from the dumpster.

The reason is i dont want to get rabies and any thing else those germ carring virmin have.


December 30, 2008

Well i know what time it is.  Hells bells.  I the great dongfrog got up and took the biggest log in history.  After drinking wine and eating  some pizza.  It felt good to get that out of the intestine.  But now its time for close eyes.

O that dark lady . Well catfofer did not have to pay the piper today for the dam battery and funin cables to the brin,.  O well.

Where is dark lady did she have sex with some one today.  I bet he got a big dong. Gofer would like to see it really.  The dong man and the dark lady and gofer having sex.   What a ting to do .

Austin gone prefers just the dark lady and one thats who is putt this on here.

But u know at the statue of liberty there is a group of naked mexicans right now that is on kempwood. Even if ist 47 degrees 0ut .

I gofer ghost dont know how long they can make things up on here.

Since UFOS are taking me to Stevenville, Texas .