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sex bag bg and the sex dogs

January 20, 2009

Where is bg that old lady probably. Bet shes fat. Hope she found some one thats fat .  O yes she can come over but .  Dogs around here would want to put a point thing in that pussy.  Last time i saw here was 15, 16 years ago i guess.  No it was in 1995 or so.

Yea she was driving near that 10000 kempwood.  I guess she wanted some dick or some thing.  Yea ill fuck her still and get my nuts off.  I dont know if dave could find out .  Hes the one that wanted me to have sex with his friend.

She ant fat no way. Looks like a play boy bunny.  Hells bells who cares.  That black lady or girl thats 25 still owes me some thing.  O backing up and hittn scaring that what u call it. I GOTHEAD sure would like to put my hot dick in that tight pussy . Even thoush she is black.  OF course use a rubber.

Just imagine its can get jucy and hot that pussy.  I dont know .

It seems like im taking to the world on here.   I could just be.  This little munskin with big tits.  Just bet she would not do Dave agan  who knows.

Any way i bet that black lady sex woud cum like no tomorow and get so hot when that white meat is n her.


Watch The NEW President Now on CNN

January 20, 2009

Go watch the party on CNN the address    is

<a href=””&gt;

to say the least its interesting.

The BBC in England

January 20, 2009

I sware by the river sticks the english like a state called Texas.  I mean in England. Why of course we Texans speak english but its different.  Why should England like Texans ? Well George Bush needs to rest in Craford . I know it oful to think its hard work.

So far so good for Obama  but stop the bail outs and no NAFTA.  We Texans will keep our god given right to keep and bear arms.

sex stories or UFOs on kempwood

January 20, 2009

Of course there is UFOS above kempwood.  They came from Stevenville, Texas.

Did u know these space craft are caring  sperm from dinosaurs.  Thats far fecthed but its true.  One night at 19401 hwy 249 , that black sex lady in that dark red car got out of it. Thats right .  There came this UFO in the sky  going over the free way and stoped 3000 feet right above this lady .  A light invisible beamed from the craft.  A bounch of creatures were felling her body all over. Then she was on a feather bed sriped naked.  I gfofer the head monster examed her legs  so silky smooth then put a claw in her pussy and rubbed it . It got so jucy.   Then the toungs from the monser lick the pussy.  Othere monsters put there giant dick on here firm tits and came a gallon of cum.  The head monstere then put a huge defored dog dick in the ladies pussy  all the way.

fur burgers not now just liazards

January 20, 2009

U see its just too ealy in the moring to stick your toung in the pussy.  Thats right unless u had everclear and homemade wine.  They got that stuff at fiesta on wirt road and kempwood.  Any way some on cant be fat just big tits and no midit. Well on color prefer spanish or white.  SOme black but not realy interested, gotto have pubic hair and not stink .

Stink is not sanitary and its grose.   There is this well fat lady at hunters creek apts near hammerly and gessner.  She fucks hobos wine os.  Her husband is all sherveld up and thin. And pickes cans from dumpsters.  Any way there was a sec guard at that place and rode a bike .  It was not the safest place around.  Once some scum bag lady wanted to  go where gofer was living .

I said wait then she went to otheres in that complex and the cops came.

Who cares if this story is true or not. O there is 3 eyed monsters at hunters creek apt thes days and fire ants big as school bus.


January 19, 2009

Yea that black pussy Obamas wife has stinks like shit – rotten eggs.  What she been doing   going under the bridge at hwy 59 in Houston and letting the wine os piss on her 

Hells bells that colored pussy is so dam good .  Gofer snuch in the back way once and put abig white piece of meat in that black pussy .

All the dog s and rats were there the secret service let me in cause im from a undergrown cave Rick Perry and his clones made for me.   Thats right come on brown shirts come and find me . All  the mexicans at 9540 kempwood saw OBAAMS Wife in the nude doing a german shepard near the statue of liberty.


January 19, 2009

Now what does OBAMA think he is another communist ? U dont tell the folks they have to serve .  U are going to be a KARL MARX SPECIAL  .

I told y’all what was going to happpen and no one listen Hey Barock  OBAMA im not watching your party— your big show.   U start taking away folks rights and there will be hell to pay.

hwy 290 – the UFOS

January 19, 2009

Yea i can put on here really can that i swam  naked in barton springs .

Then make up a story. It will be that a snobb lady adviser at UT that went to  SWSH in 1972 sat on el dick.  O no she is just to high and mighty to do that.  O gettin that facny  degree o that is just o .

Talking down to the common folk .  Like  Our Holy God Obama does. But least BAROCK will have sex with a cow in front of the white house.  Then he will be president of all the koons in  The United States.   So sorry Terry im not calling u back u will get up set.  Yea i know that number i was fixing to put it on here but im not going to.

lady in the red shirt

January 18, 2009

Yes that lady in the red shirt . Says she is sick and takes care of little kiddies.  Ask bozo to go up there once.  But just look she is kinda well fat u might say .  The reason gofer did not go to bolton,Texas.  Is go up there and be told what can and cant do.  No touching tits no no nothing un less i say. And keeps on talking about religion.

Forget that idea im not a virgin.  But the last time i goter put the dong inside is befor that hurrican.

sex black lady or who gets the prize

January 18, 2009

Well there is self sex – love the one your with.
And there is just get on and the other dont do a thing .
Well if u get off to jollies go to  a club in mexico and the cab driver is  horny and wants to feel
your goodies. But these spanish loooks say s and f or reverse.
Another is meeting some one n Bastrop which is kinda far for in and out.
Yes there is the fat walrus lady in the woodlands each time u put it in the lady pass gas that so grose.
Then there is some  little squirt from New Orleans that feels the goodies in your pants and starts a fire.      fat