dog sex for black lady near hwy 249

Yes. She did have sex with a german shepard dog the other night.  This guard lady had the gate open and the dog came in .  Well gofer preswades this black lady thats 25 to pet that dog.

I had to lead em to a empty build ing .  A bed was alredy on the floor. So the dog kept on using its paws to kinda undo her shirt. Then  exposing the ladies big black tits.  O that dog got horny and tore off the ladies pants . What a site her nice body. The lady fell on the bed and that dog put its huge point dick in side her pussy . Lots of dog cum went in that tight pussy.

Then other dogs wanted some pussy.  Now it was a sex cult dog club.

Relly this never happen its just Marton Luther Day.

Relly this lady who backed up and hit some ones car needs or owes some thing. Yea she does. She needs a tube stake that is a white meat.

Gofer lofer would do the honors. And use no rubbers just in that tight pussy .  All that hot cum in that virgin pussy. Since preverts and bisex, working girls, dancers like this.

How about the ferries ? Where is elton ? I bet he would give gofer a great head job.


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