this fat lady

Im tryting to rest but this fat lady is smoking her cig. The fat lady has giant hooters there against my dong. Its hard to rest when im cumming between her tits.  I put wipppin cream on them to make it easer and my dick is so hard and hot blood soaked muscle.

I came 14 times at once. That smoring i cant stand so i put my dick in the tight pussy, all that body juce. Relly i made this up yes its 413 in in the morning. Can u believe i sit here makin up this garbarbe and the dick gets horny.

The dick needs exercise. Jacking off dont help it just hurts after a while. Well i wonder what a nothier mans dick looks like. Bet ist better than normal sex.  I was gooing to give out Terrys cell number but she said not to , there for i wont.

Who ever she is. May be i gofer wont use a rubber. By then ill have lots of cum thats hot . All the way in it goes ever inch, Yea i wear skins.  I guess i taking to the entire world i dont know.

But really im on the west end of hwy 67. Its in west texas some where. I fly UFOs for south western airlines. Some times go under the water at lake travis with this space ship.


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