kempwood 9540 weirdos

Hello out there . There is all kinds of creatrues at that place. Skelswags, dumpster cat feeder, retarted mexcan dogs, monsters from gessner, bus 36 nakeds, 2 faced fat ass bozos, streakers, seakers, the pig,split tails, big dick suckers, drill pushers, naked dick society, sex  cults, nose pickers.

I never made this up . Its like the Houston Chronicle a mind twister.

Skelewags go to the pool but that water is cold, so they stand in front of the camera and grope them selfs. Dogs come by and smell the cum and like skele dicks


This fat physco he feeds dumpster cats and the naked office dont care.


These retarted mexcan dogs they wait for bus 48 and p on its tires for good luck.


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