physco in 114

Well boys and girls there is  this creap that feeds dumpster cats.  O now he has the food and water right next to the window.  So protective. But what if KPRC came out here to investigate.  It sure would be on the news.

But i just bet that tv station would not wast there time doing that.

Who the fuck cares any way .

O be the way . There is this person that was using there feet to   get in  and pancho said hurry up.  O my was that mornic security guard up set . Thats just to bad u know there is freedom of speech.  That stupid ass guard is play ing a game.

The last time well some one stoped near the gate and parked there and acted like the car was messed up. Then one time they were laughin at catfish wish.

Well there needs to be a alagort snapping turtle there and when el guard o exopses the dong the turtle will bite it.

Thats right that guard undoes there pants and pulls out the dong and puts it on a battery cable all the time. That was back in 1972.

Those mexcan hobels werent there then.

Where is the pig that used to live on hammerly with her old mother.  They could have been bi sex who knows. Any way bg had magits growing in there pussy how grose.


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