listen up saylors

Yea. Terri.  Gofer masterbated  to night .  Ill tell her then she will say u are a homo sex. No way  itjust felt so  good.  Next it will hurt a sharp pain in the penus. Cause it strained that muscle.   When I did it to Sharon it did not hurt.  That’s the normal way .  But im doing it less and less. I should  stop altogether and do some thing  else when I get the urge to self love.  Well I know u don’t want me to do that. I CANT get hard for u and have lots of cum if I masterbait.  So I stop.  IN a few days like sat ill be ok ill save lots of cum and save it for u.
Yea I know u want to have sex with me some time.  I have to get hard and have lots of cum.  Well u got a good body and u ant fat. Compaired to Sharon and others.  Don’t tell ever one I done it with u .  THere  is no strings nothing like that. Ill wear a rubber so u wont get pg.   If u want more that’s ok don’t go over board.
If that Spanish girl from dallas dan knows wants to see me so be it.  I wont wear a skin then.  Don t think she  will leave though.  Ill ask her to be with dan again  and she wont . That  on whit real big tits.  Drive tosh fancy cars.  Why im I puttin all thing on nere .  This is all lies  catfish drumed up.


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