These mexcans accross the way

I sware that lady over there is a midjut and is flat chested. Bet her husband has a extra.  Any way there playing naked music leats they was. Garg  can hear it still.

Bet terr so and so will unbutton her pants to night. Garf ant gont to do nothing just stand .  Who really cares.  Just go 12 miles or what ever andthe storm doors are open. Or if some one sles is that so what.

Just have a few pesos to have. Then may be go early and sit accorss from a alagator  snaping turtle.

Any way i saw a 7 foot ape harry all over muscle monster waking west on kempwood.  Sure did i saw 2 moons at 9 pm i did.  Or could i been drinking ever clear and sangrea wine.

O i love that sangrea wine Jerry Jef walker Sings about.

Yea seems like mexcans are going to get shit faced tonight.

O the HEART BREAK RIDGE waa on one of those cable channels tonight. Some of the script is gotten from what they said at the Nav Sup Cen i think.

Cause i think i remember the Nav Sup. U know thats life join the Nav Res and being blind.  Learning all those codes. Liked to have gone to Pearl again but.

Yea there was some asshole from that uss sample working at BARC.  I think the one that was ordering me around on that fast frigit. A few times bs me.

Well frogface got wise about the scum bag dog catchers at EBELLA AND AIRLINE.

O this is the end of the security report.



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