lizard lips

O i try to rest but i feel this moist thing approach my underware.  Its under the sheets.  Her lips latchon to my dong.  Now i start growing . The tube stake is hard as a rock.  In to her mouth it goes.   She does me good.  I start cumming. O it feel so good.

Yea finally i found some one that knows how to give head. 

But wait i find that between her legs is a nice tight clean pussy, But its black so what.  I facto bake put my toung on the button moan and grown and organism city. The juce tast like spring water.

Then i gat cat urge her to take a shower with me . O she looks so good in that gleming black skin mmm, hugging and lifing her on top of the dick in the shower with no rubber.   …….

Yea she ant pg no way . My friend any  way anothere will do soon.

U see i made this  up.

Yea sex 


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