Well i know what time it is.  Hells bells.  I the great dongfrog got up and took the biggest log in history.  After drinking wine and eating  some pizza.  It felt good to get that out of the intestine.  But now its time for close eyes.

O that dark lady . Well catfofer did not have to pay the piper today for the dam battery and funin cables to the brin,.  O well.

Where is dark lady did she have sex with some one today.  I bet he got a big dong. Gofer would like to see it really.  The dong man and the dark lady and gofer having sex.   What a ting to do .

Austin gone prefers just the dark lady and one thats who is putt this on here.

But u know at the statue of liberty there is a group of naked mexicans right now that is on kempwood. Even if ist 47 degrees 0ut .

I gofer ghost dont know how long they can make things up on here.

Since UFOS are taking me to Stevenville, Texas .


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