CNN NEWS: Obamas wife is naked on TV

Thats right she is nice in bed. Goferfdish should know.  CNN has OBMAS wife in the nude doing strange sex acts with a dog.  Thats right. Our lord OBama said this german shepard could have sex with his wife.

I the monsrue of mars did she was great .   I gored want CNN to make xxx rated news about this.   And now all the dogs on kempwood want to to have sex with her. O kempwood is in Washington DC. Now all u brown shirts come find me.

Bats,lizards,catfish,land sharks, trutles, birds snakes join in the fun. HOW up serd.  Thats grose and weird, since CNN loves OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA , i the russan Putan can add nice things . No goferdela is not on LSD



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