CNN NEWS: Democrats and the sex cult

Right now CNN is in down town houston . Even though ist 60 degrees ever one is naked and standing in front of city hall .  Some are homosex and doing preverted things to each other. Others are taking a bath in buffalo bayou.

Yes its fun to make up sex stories on here.  U know CNN news cast there all naked.  Thats right and they have trained dogs to have sex with this lady that went to SWHS in1972. Yea . Now Barock Obama wants ever one to have sex with any one else.  Its called free love.  I bet some black guy that came to fres resque this morning would want to feel the dong catfish has.  Then pull it out and lick it.  I bet that cum taste good.

Even though cat fish is not a homo for lots of dinero they could be a bi sex freak dickey.



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