Hot sex dark lady

Yea this may be rated and things.  Well ever time catgofer talks to this dark lady she says take a hot shower and talk.   But who knows if the dark lady will come here.   Cst gofer would like to see the lady naked.  Well just open the door and in she comes.  Sit on the couch and so called watch a movie.

I ask need neck rubed.  She kinda is hesitant then ok.  Then i put her hand on my leg.  The dick is growing . SHe unbuttons her shirt and braless i see those bretty tits and feel em. The dark lady takes off her shirt .  Feels like my dick is on fire.  The dark lady undoes her pants and takes em off.  What a nice body she has.  Yes i put my finger in her pussy and rub it.  IT is jucy. The black lady feells my dick in her hand . Its so hot and cum is ready to burts out.

The lady gets on top of the dick. All the way in ever inch.  I cum 10 times .

She turned on the shower in her pussy that sweet juce all over my dick and balls.

More and more she wants the tube stake .

This is for that lady in Ca.  I know  at blacks beach is the place to go for cum bath.


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