9540 kempwood sex cult

Hey sports fans ! U know there is a sex  cult there . Yes there is.  O there is this black man guard that is kinda strange.  Well once i heard a knocking at the door.

Gofer peekes out side and this black man is trying to hide and there is this lady there also.

Some how i saw out side thses peple in a circle around this lady.  That means a cult was there.  If i would had open the door thoes to would had come in and i would be watched havein sex with that lady .  Thats right.

Still there is a cult at apt 114. This fat ass mexcan is a phycso and wistles at dumpster cats and feeds em.  I think  those that live in that stinking hole have sex with those cats.

Its good to have sex with cats but they got to be human. U know female. With big tits and not fat.  There is a penny girl, a terry that mmm.

Goter would like to well i cant say cause its x rated and the tube stake.



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