sex with dark lady 1

Hello all u that want to read about this dark lady and my tube stake.  Either she will be in a red car or a shit white car. O dark lady has a good body. Not  fat her tits are big enough.  O she clams that she is divorced.  Thats a lie.  Well any way .

Enough of lies all is or is it ? Suppose they call in the after noon and come over.

O to watch movies ? Just sit on the couch.  I catgoger will wacth her unbutton her shirt.  See those nice  tits.  Feel em.  The dick is growing .

I get her and and put it on the dick. SHe pulls it out of the pants.  THis dark lady pulls off her pants .  What a site nice pussy with pubic hair.  I put my finger in the pussy  and  rub the button  she gets so excited.  It gets jucy.

No catfi dont use no rubber. Any way the hot blood gorged stake goes in that pussy . Moan and groan organism.  Catgofer cums 10 times.

Yea that colored lady wants that white meat.

I get a good grade in a creative writtin class at lucky college in Huntsville.


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