Pat Robertson

Who ever rote that about Pat Robertson is twisting the facts. Mr. Roberston is Prolife and Our Lord Obama is for any kind of obortion. Yea killing living babies with defects thats what Obama stands for.

Did u see what CNN had on Chrismas Eve it was a way to brain wash any one about Obama.  And now Coca Cola has blacks on there carton . Hells bells what would help me not to buy coke products .

Any way its real clody out side and humid.

Yea Jerry Jones needs to get rid of that lazy head coach.  The game comming up they will loose by 10 points.

You know there was alot of drunks on fairbanks north houston last nite. O they were driving real slow.

O the wine i got will kick your ass when its put in the freezer.

Yea that fat ass mexican that lives in apt 114  at 9540 kempwood is doing some thing strange sex act with those dumpster cats.  Good by shadow people.


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