Well born in central texas.  They were held back a grade in elementry school.  There folks say they had problems learning.  Well some one or body wanted this kid to play football. Yes they were drag to church supposedly. At this lucky college the amount of courses was chosen for them and they did bad on some cause it was too may to take.

Then they this kid decited to go to this college where it really really gets cold and snows.  o yes they had problems. The only way to rid of going there was makd the worst marks they could.  O there parients kept on and on saying u cant do that college work. So a leaning happen there parients said the last chance for a skill is the Navy. O they actually believed it . So they went to affies down town and thoutht it was fun and games.

Well they said that pledge.  Many ways tred to get out of the milt res. One time the Nav Officers almots sent em to the fleet . It was just a scare.  O this kid was a non rate and suffered greatly on the USS Sample for 2 weeks. 

Yea during that time they the kid had a job at this directional drilling company on holly hall.  The kid was asking to join up with out a rate then changed there mind. Well they had some problems and got better at that company.  Then got layed off.

The kid met some one from MI, and coxed em in to security gurad work.  They the kid stayed a guard for many years going to dangerous places.  The kid was scared of failing so did not want to improve them self.

One time they were on the bus and this sorry security company sent them out to a non heated place and nearly froze to death. This company sent a bully out there to be like Hitler.

Then the secutiry company tryed to fire the kid. He already got another card.

So now worked at this place on hammerly and got threats by folks out there.

Wel by now the kid got a car and worked this dangeorus houtx inn long as they could. That was in 2002.

Well they had enouth of guard work they thought  and did not reallize it takes more than 2 courses to get a skill.

 NOW what o the kid met this half pig lady at spring valley long time ago. Trying to get in her pants and then finally did.  That did not end it was on and on. Then the kid got tired of that and went to holy houses on hwy 6. Once they were really shaken and nerbous.

well they went to hiphuggers they used to be on gessner. O then it was this toplsee place had a oppp to do it with thit lady that had sex with blacks just before chiken out.

THen on and on to those bars and got tired of that.  Well found out the kid did how to meet some one pm the chat line . Well it was mineral wells,baytown,woodlands, near gulf back and then Nabidoches. But the kid now is not goint to see that skinny lady in texarkans no way . She is just bones and skin. Least weigh 130 pounds with big horns.

O that place hwy 249.        



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