the goodie security guards

bgtruntitled So hello to those lazy ass security guards at 19402 hwy 249 . Ant it exciting to sit in a car or tank  and watch the air go by.  u KNOW  U CAN snoose after the monster guard checker says boo.

O yea since there fuckign u cause u supposed to get holiday pay and u ant.

Yest to pp any where u cant be seen.  AND DODO who cares really ? They just want a warm body there.   No garfe has not learned how to do a dam thing since they been there.

Dont know about having sex with the wall. Yea they drive a shitwhite car.

In side of it has piles of crap in it.  Dont know if that black thing is maried or what.  Rathere pull the mule than get in vole with that .   But  jack o is homosex.



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