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Excues itis

December 31, 2008

I dont care if that bull shit guard black lady is seeing that black buck . If she is there tonight and says call her hell no im not its just a waste of energy and time.

Its a good choice to find someone else. Pancho is tired of games.

Masterbaiting in the shower. WHERE IS sharon  one hour is fine. Then leave. Dont come back  .

no CALL THAT 281 number again she is just a tease.


slave days

December 31, 2008

Well u know what time it is ? Hells bells now gober has to wash dishes in the tub.  Gofer dont care if i diesturb those . Any way i dont want a hand to creap in the drawers and get tube stake hot and bothered.

Thats right that lady in Diboall dont look too thin.  Thats why i did not walk up there.  U know these lady goos dogs are making me  put this on here.  They came from the statue  of liberty on kempwood.

physco cat sex

December 31, 2008

Finally the creature in apt 114 comes out to feed his babies ( dumpster cats)

o his big dick is blowing in the wind.  The mighty cum shots 4 feet accross.

That wonderfulcum juce the cats lick his dick for. No wodere he goes  to mexico to fuck little boys .  Yes the physco got a cat that from the dumpster pg once.  It was such a great site.

Yes the freak said im calling the police when i tryed to take a pictrue of him feedin the cats.  What a bull shitter.

go elton go do the cats inthe  but hole. Yes at 114  (9540 kempwood)

there lives a physco that feeds dumpster cts and has sex with them his babies .


December 30, 2008

Well ktrk did not show any naked mexicans near the statue of liberty, dont knwo what is rong. I think cause its MARVIN ZINLER EYE WHITNESS NEWS.

O on ist supposed to be Our lord Obamas day.  Im sorry for streaking at the dumpster.  Thats where the freak at 114 is feeding the cats.  Yes he takes a bath with them also and has sex.

Lets see clean the rest of the counter off and mop the floor of the astrodome.

First ist catnap time no or yes.

the physco at apt 114

December 30, 2008

physcoYea i groper took this picture.  That mexican actually goes out side in the nude and has sex with dumpster cats.  O yes he wistles at them also.   I want to be part of the action also .  But im smart and dont feed cats from the dumpster.

The reason is i dont want to get rabies and any thing else those germ carring virmin have.

The freak is out there 9540 kempwood.

December 30, 2008

Yea there is the cat dumpster feeder freak out side.  I can hear it.  Yea its all at 9540 kempwwood apt 114.  That fat ass mexcain has his pants off and exposing the dick to dumpster cats.  Yea there is many cats there taking turns sucking the mexican dick.

Sorry for making this in detail. But CNN has there cameras rolling there.  Its sorta grose and now the physco is masterbaiting on the cats.  Who cares.

Im just reporting what UFO sees .  Ya thats right.  No one cares .


December 30, 2008

Well i know what time it is.  Hells bells.  I the great dongfrog got up and took the biggest log in history.  After drinking wine and eating  some pizza.  It felt good to get that out of the intestine.  But now its time for close eyes.

O that dark lady . Well catfofer did not have to pay the piper today for the dam battery and funin cables to the brin,.  O well.

Where is dark lady did she have sex with some one today.  I bet he got a big dong. Gofer would like to see it really.  The dong man and the dark lady and gofer having sex.   What a ting to do .

Austin gone prefers just the dark lady and one thats who is putt this on here.

But u know at the statue of liberty there is a group of naked mexicans right now that is on kempwood. Even if ist 47 degrees 0ut .

I gofer ghost dont know how long they can make things up on here.

Since UFOS are taking me to Stevenville, Texas .


December 30, 2008

U know CNN loves Our lord Obama and that Coke drink does to .  Coke plasters colored people on there container.  Might as well live in AFRICA.  And our great OBAMA is going to support Hummas might as well suck up to the russians to.

Well u know u voted for the chosen one. Now Obama . Him and George Bush are buddies and want gov control of banks,and ever thing else more or less a socialized gov.

Hey u deomcrats i got free speech. U tree huggers,homosexs,climate warmer freaks.

lizard lips

December 30, 2008

O i try to rest but i feel this moist thing approach my underware.  Its under the sheets.  Her lips latchon to my dong.  Now i start growing . The tube stake is hard as a rock.  In to her mouth it goes.   She does me good.  I start cumming. O it feel so good.

Yea finally i found some one that knows how to give head. 

But wait i find that between her legs is a nice tight clean pussy, But its black so what.  I facto bake put my toung on the button moan and grown and organism city. The juce tast like spring water.

Then i gat cat urge her to take a shower with me . O she looks so good in that gleming black skin mmm, hugging and lifing her on top of the dick in the shower with no rubber.   …….

Yea she ant pg no way . My friend any  way anothere will do soon.

U see i made this  up.

Yea sex 

climate change my ass

December 30, 2008

Hey all tree huggers,freaks ,al gore groupies, globlal warmers.

Where is your brain ? Have u read the geologic climate history.  Thats a easy way to make money if u clame global warming. Only humans, cars, factories pollute the air.  What if some one poots u know, pas gas . 

Any way let catif cause more heat . There is a way .  Where is black lady one in one causes heat cum heat.